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Shoe Depot – Work Store

Work Gear, Colma, CA

Shoes and Boots For The Working Person!

Specializing In Brands That Work!

We have been serving the community since 1952.

At Shoe Depot - Work Store we like to consider ourselves the working persons store.

Why? Because we have anything and everything you need for work. This includes work clothes, work boots, uniforms, and more!

We are an exclusive store catering especially to the “working people”, intricately tailoring all their requirements. We want you to keep all your work-related hassles aside and enjoy shopping for work!

Unlike many other stores that have only one department dedicated to work gear, we have a whole store filled with work shoes, work socks, work suspenders, work insoles, work beanies and work rainwear.

Why go somewhere else when we have the largest selection and best prices here.

Not only will you find what you need, but also our welcoming staff is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience in selling these products.

We believe in unique ideas and our customer service is second to none. Our aim is to see our customers happy and cheery.

Stop by today and see what we have to offer!

Serving Colma, CA

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Work Shoes, Work Boots and Work Clothes

10% Discount.

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Shoe Depot - Work Store

We are an exclusive store catering especially to the working people.
Stop by today!
Call: (650) 755-0556, Fax: (650) 755-0103

Do you have boots or clothing made in the USA?

Yes, we do! We carry USA made T-Shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, in various colors, including neon orange and green.

We welcome feedback from our customers. Thank you for taking the time and effort to let us know how we are doing and any improvements that you would like to see. If you request follow up, every effort will be made to reply to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.


  • Work Clothes
  • Work Boots
  • Cotton Work Socks
  • Wool Work Socks
  • Rain Wear
  • Coveralls
  • Rain Boots
  • Work Uniforms
  • Many Types of Toe Protection for Work Boots
  • Spenco Medical Insoles
  • Work Belts
  • Work Suspenders
  • Good Selection of Knee Pads for Work Clothing with Built In Pad Pockets
  • Large Selection Of Flannel Shirts
  • Largest Selection Of Steel Toe Boots In The Bay Area, And More
  • Discount to All Union Members


Rexamillion A.

Great shoe selection. I love the fact that they have Made in USA clothing. Staff was very helpful. I will pay more for made in USA Clothing. BTW, they give discounts for Union Employees!

Emma H.

Shoe Depot is the epitome of everything beautiful about a mom and pop store- complete with Mom and Pop! By that, I mean the couple who own this store are wonderful, warm people who genuinely care about getting their customers what they need. We are always welcomed with a kind reception and the owner personally helped my husband pick out a pair of work shoes today, the ones she recommended are the ones we happily left with- no questions asked. This store is conveniently located and fairly priced. The hustle and bustle mentality of people in the bay area can be off-putting (to put it lightly), it turns me off to so many other stores in the area. What you'll get here instead of going to a superstore or a department store is kind service by good people, and that makes all the difference-to me at least.

Nick R.

Shoe Depot is great, excellent customer service, wide selection of work clothes and shoes including my work pant of choice Ben Davis and they offer a 10% Union discount.

Terry P.

Shoe Depot carries a huge selection of work boots, work pants, work shirts, work jackets ... well, you get the idea. This is a store for working people. It is NOT a chain store. This is a one-of-a-kind store where you get personalized service without pressure. Have a question or need to place a special order? Just ask; the owner is behind the counter. This is a store that understands and respects its customers (where else would a store allow customers to put their union stickers all over the front counter?). That's why I've been going there even before they moved to the Metro Center.

Don and Regina S.

I have been to this spot a few times. I went in about two months ago and bought myself some new work boots and some Carhartt coveralls. There prices are really reasonable and I got a discount as a local 467 union member. I went again today to buy some boot guards. They have the normal plastic ones but they also have a new one here. It's called KG'S Boot Guard. It looks like the same material that is put in the back of trucks. I was talking with Ronnie who said it's a new product for their store but is really popular in the east coast. I put a lot of wear and tear on my boots and was told by them that this new product will hold up better. It covers more area of the boot then the original plastic ones.

Darius A.

This is my favorite store for work clothes. Ron is great with his custumers and takes time to help you find the clothes you need. He carries my favorite brand Ben Davis and Carhartt. He has better prices for Carhartt than Sears and much more selection. I will continue going to go to Shoe Depot no matter what. I believe he gives discounts to Union workers.

Nicholas Y.

I am a real big fan of mom and pop stores, this store is definitely the place to be for work clothes and shoes. The service they offer is great and what I mean by that is they'll help you find what you need.

Jeremy G.

Decent selection but the best part is their attention to customer service and desire to find you the best fitting boot. Nothing but great things to say about this place and its management!